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Wetlands Delineation

Definition of Wetlands

Wetlands protection requires that scientifically definable boundaries be established to confirm the presence of these ecosystems.

  • Wetlands are defined by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) as:  “areas that are inundated or saturated by...water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support...vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil conditions.”  
  • Waters of the United States are defined as “those waters of the United States that are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide…or may be susceptible for use to transport interstate or foreign commerce.” 
  • According to recent ACOE decisions, Waters of the US also include tributaries and channels that connect to navigable waters.



Determinations of Wetlands

Determinations of wetlands and waters of the US in Pennsylvania and New Jersey must be made by qualified individuals utilizing the ACOE 1987 wetland delineation manual criteria.  A three-parameter approach is presently utilized in making wetland jurisdictional determinations: 

  1. the presence of hydrophytic (wetland) vegetation
  2. soil subject to saturated conditions (hydric soils)
  3. characteristics that indicate saturated and/or inundated soil conditions (buttressed tree trunks, sediment deposits, watermarks, etc.)

Penn's Trail's Wetland Investigations

  • Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC has qualified scientists on staff to perform detailed and accurate wetland and waters delineations.
  • Our staff has conducted investigations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  
  • We work with local, state and federal regulators to bring your project to successful completion while protecting the environment.



Impact Permits 

Should your proposed activities adversely impact existing wetlands or waters of the US, Penn’s Trail has the experience to guide your project through Federal, State, and/or local permitting issues.  We work with knowledgeable engineers to mitigate the limited disturbances that are sometimes necessary to allow property to be utilized to its greatest potential.

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