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Paul A. Golrick, M.S., P.G., Soil Scientist/Professional Geologist

Paul has more than 20 years of experience conducting soil and geologic evaluations for a variety of land-use applications.  Areas of expertise include subsurface sewage disposal, stormwater infiltration, limestone geology, floodplain soils, and construction.  He prepares technical reports to support his findings and provides expert testimony as needed.  As a PA-Certified SEO since 1986, Paul is well versed in individual and community sewage system requirements for planning and permit issuance, as well as determining factors responsible for system failures.  As a licensed geologist, he performs a number of different types of site evaluations to determine bedrock types and potential hazard areas associate with geologic formations.
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John M. Dudish, M.S.  Environmental Scientist/Biologist 

Jack conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to the current ASTM/AAI standard and coordinates Phase II and Phase III projects as warranted, including implementation of the Act 2 or Correction Action Process.  He also conducts Biological Assessments of surface waters for wetlands or NPDES permitting when required.  Jack has been certified as a Sewage Enforcement Officer in PA since 1978. Jack also applies his expertise to the subdivision planning process required prior to permit issuance. His experience allows us to provide insight into the site evaluation/permitting procedure and assessing factors contributing to system failures.   His 40-hour OSHA safety and annual update training enable him to identify potentially-dangerous environments.
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Maureen McDermott, APSSc.  Soil Scientist/Wetland Scientist

Maureen has nearly ten years experience in the environmental fields of soils science and wetland science.  She is an ARCPACS-certified soil scientist and an IWEER-certified wetland scientist.  She coordinates directly with Federal, State, County and municipal agencies as part of permit acquisition, plan/animal surveys and biological assays.  Maureenís responsibilities also include soil investigations for on-site wastewater renovation and stormwater infiltration in addition to her responsibilities for wetland and natural resource delineations for land use projects.  
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Adam B. Browning, Field Technician/Sewage System Designer/Draftsman  

Adam has approximately 4 years of experience at generating field data and developing it into workable, permittable individual and community on-lot sewage system designs.  Adam is also proficient in design of IRSIS and drip technology; he is certified by American Manufacturing to design and oversee installations of these alternate design systems.  As a PA-certified SEO, Adam can apply his knowledge and experience to see his designs through the system of regulators and installers.  Adam routinely coordinates and conducts stormwater infiltration testing according to the BMP manual, inspects operating individual system components and collects samples as part of permit O&M requirements.  Adam is 40-hour OSHA safety-trained to allow him to identify potentially-dangerous situations.
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