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Septic System Maintenance

Individual Septic System Operation

The need to properly operate and maintain an individual septic system has always been considered essential for the longevity of any on-lot sewage disposal system. 

Operation and maintenance requirements will soon become legislated in PA.

Penn's Trail Environmental provides the testing and reporting to satisfy current regulatory requirements and will continue to insure that maintenance requirements are met.

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On-Lot Sewage Management and Maintenance Program

To meet needs of clients to monitor and maintain their systems, we provide an on-lot sewage management and maintenance program.  

We provide:

  • construction inspection oversight
  • assistance with system start up
  •  monthly and quarterly testing and monitoring.  

We generate annual reports based on compiled results.  In addition, we can coordinate regular cleaning and permit compliance.  These service packages are designed to assist the homeowner with these responsibilities.  We schedule only those inspections required by permit or maintenance contract with the municipality. The testing and review program is designed to avoid problems before they occur.


Homeowner Education

In some cases, owners would rather be responsible for performing system maintenance by themselves. Unlike some firms, we will educate and train homeowners to perform their own maintenance. 

It is important to note that certain reporting cannot be delegated to the homeowner. 

Together, our services and pricing are designed to make the decision as simple and easy as possible.

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We will be happy to provide you with a contract that specifically addresses your needs.   

We are properly insured, trained, and qualified to perform the services we offer and are available to answers any questions you may have.  

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